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Support This Contract-With-America Movement

"We The People" regardless of party affiliation, must now elect people that listen to law abiding citizens. Currently congress seems to be more interested in giving our money away to foreign governments, instead of solving our nations problems. If the current congress will not listen to our demands then we need to clean house, force resignations and elect people that put our citizens first. Below we have drafted a Contract-With-America(CWA), that we will request every member of congress to sign. The signed CWA for every current member of congress and every future candidate will be published on this website. This CWA will request every congressional member to go on record by documenting their stance on many important topics. Each topic in the CWA requires a simple yea or nay reply. As a voter you can then decide which candidates deserve your vote. We will track every member to ensure that they abide by their signed CWA.


As a current or future member of congress "We The People" request that you go on record by documenting your stance on many important issues. We request that you circle a yea or nay reply to each of the following issues. Instructions on how to submit your CWA are shown on the bottom of this page.

  1. Abide by the Constitution - The United States was founded on the rule-of-law. The U.S. Constitution is the nation's fundamental law and it codifies the core values of the people. I agree to support and abide by the U.S. Constitution yea or nay.

  2. New National Voting System - The way in which we vote and count votes in our country is a national disgrace. A very well thought-out solution to all of our recent voting issues where the military administers all voting processes and citizens vote-by-phone is documented at this website USNVS. I agree that congress needs to move forward with a better voting solution for our country. I also agree that we need to immediately form a commission to identify a viable solution that can be implemented ASAP and I agree that this needs to be the highest priority for congress. yea or nay

  3. Investigate Foreign Financial Transactions with the Biden Family - It has been reported that foreign governments have directed payments to Hunter Biden, James Biden and Sarah Biden with the goal of receiving favored status from a Biden Administration. I will support an effort by the USDOJ to investigate the Biden family specific to financial transactions from foreign persons in Ukraine, Russia and China. yea or nay

  4. 8-year Term Limits for Congress - Our founding fathers never intended for people to become career politicians. Too many go to congress and never leave. In the process somehow they manage to become millionaires. 8-year term limits need to be enacted ASAP. I agree and will vote for 8-year term limits for all members of congress. yea or nay

  5. Age Limits for Public Office - We must realize that cognitive abilities diminish as we age. That's true for everyone. The time has come to enact age limits for anyone holding public office. Airline pilots have a mandatory retirement age of 65 for a reason. I agree and will support immediate legislation that provides a mandatory retirement age of 78 for all elected offices in addition to supreme court justices. yea or nay

  6. 2nd Amendment - We support the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, the individuals right to keep and bear arms. I agree and will always support the 2nd Amendment. yea or nay

  7. Support Right To Life - Right to Life protects and defends the most fundamental right of humankind, the right to life of every innocent human being from the beginning of life to natural death. I am pro-life and support the right-to-life. yea or nay

  8. All People are Equal - All people are created equal and thus All Lives Matter. This includes white lives, black lives and brown lives. I support the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which makes makes it illegal to discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or sex. yea or nay

  9. Fix Social Media - Social media companies have become a basic and necessary utility for many people. Unfortunately, social media companies have become political operatives. Congress has been unsuccessful in convincing these companies to remain politically neutral. Congress needs to solve this problem ASAP. As a member of congress I agree to remove or modify the section 230 provision that gives these companies legal immunity from liability. Short of this, I agree to support an effort to nationalize the following social media companies: facebook, google, instagram, tiktok and twitter. It's obvious that these companies will continue to be political operatives until congress forces them to stop this practice. yea or nay

  10. Demand Conclusion of Durham Probe - John Durham launched his investigation of the 2016 Trump-Russia probe in May 2019. We demand that this concludes immediately. As a member of congress I will demand that every person that was involved in what may have been a coup, be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of their position in the government. yea or nay

  11. $500 fine and 3-days in Jail for Disrespecting Law Enforcement - Police and all first-responders should be respected as public servants. As a member of congress I promise to enact legislation that makes is a federal crime for anyone that spits at, curses at or disrespects first-responders. yea or nay

  12. $500 fine and 3-days in Jail for Burning, Defacing or Disrespecting the Flag - For more than 200 years many brave men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice protecting our great country. We owe our freedom to thousands of heroes that have given so much. As a member of congress I promise to enact legislation to put an end to this disrespect. yea or nay

  13. Religious Freedom - All people are free to exercise the religion of their choosing. As a member of congress I agree that the government may not burden or restrict a person's exercise of religion. yea or nay

  14. Freedom of Speech - I agree that citizens will always have differing opinions on most topics, although that does not give anyone the right to harass or harm others that have opposite beliefs. This includes using social media in a way to harass or harm others. yea or nay

  15. Curfew Enforcements - A curfew is put in place during times of civil unrest. Unfortunately, thousands of people completely disregard curfews. Law enforcement is powerless to control this. The time has come where we need to use technology to automatically enforce curfews. A persons phone always knows its exact location, even when it's turned off. We simply need congress to enact legislation that requires the telecom companies to identify every phone that was located inside and during a curfew period. Those phone owners could automatically be fined or lose their cell phone access for a period of time. As a member of congress I agree that we need to use technology to fine anyone that violates a curfew. yea or nay

  16. Eliminate the IRS - It's time that we move to a retail sales tax rather than an income tax. Currently only law abiding citizens pay income tax. If you are ultra rich or a drug dealer you don't pay income taxes. A retail sales tax solves this problem and completely eliminates the need for the IRS which will save billions of tax dollars. I support moving to a retail sales tax and eliminating the IRS. yea or nay

  17. Foreign Aid by Voter Referendum - As a member of congress I will support legislation to stop congress from giving our money away to foreign countries until it is voted on by a voter referndum. It's tax payer money, we are the ones that need to decide. This should be placed into a voter referendum where we vote to authorize such funding. yea or nay

  18. Limit Corporate Ownership by Foreigners - As a member of congress I will support legislation that limits the percentage of foreign ownership that is permitted in any corporation based in the United States. If we continue to allow foreigners to buy our largest companies we will be controlled by them. yea or nay

Filing Instructions For Congress: Click Here to view a printable pdf that contains the Contract-With-America(CWA) and instructions on how to submit your CWA.
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