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Saving Our Great Nation!

We are in the middle of a new civil war and we must realize that the good guys LOST the first battle. This civil war is different than the civil war of 1861. This civil war is not being fought with swords, sabers and musket balls.

The bad guys are fighting this civil war with a weapon that is much more powerful than the weapons used in our first civil war. That weapon is SOFTWARE.

Our enemy was smart to chose this new-age weapon. It cost very little and they can fire at-will, while they cowardly hide behind their desks and in their basements.

We now know that there are 3 key software products/companies that the enemy used to win the first battle:

     Facebook, Google and Twitter

There are others, although the big-3 provided most of the artillery needed to win the first battle.

Censorship, misinformation, cancel-culture and supporting lawless behavior are just a few words to best describe their battle tactics. These same words also describe the majority of MSM.

So the first battle is over and we lost. Now what do we do?

First we need to define our goals:

  1. Defend the constitution.
  2. Defend unborn babies.
  3. Defend the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the constitution.
  4. Demand that we have a fair voting system, run by the military. See USNVS.COM
  5. Demand that the FCC govern social media and MSM as they did in the early days of TV.
  6. Demand that we have congressional age and term limits.

Additionally, cultural divide has creeped into our society and divided our nation. We are Americans, not black or brown or white or gay or straight or catholic or jewish or republican or democrat. We are simply Americans. For example, gay or LGBTQ parades should be offensive to all Americans simply because this is a celebration of cultural divide. Just as a BLM or a White Lives Matter parade should be offensive to all Americans. We must put an end to all cultural division. We can start by demanding that government agencies eliminate all cultural division support, activities, celebrations and projects within their agencies.

To achieve these goals, we must fight Fire with Fire! We can win the war if we choose to use the right weapon. Just as our enemies chose, that weapon is SOFTWARE.

Our economy revolves around the internet and software. A very large percentage of all products and services are sold using advertising on the internet. Many of us also believe that software was used to change the results of the 2020 election.

The first thing that we need to agree upon is that we must recruit all like-minded friends and relatives to become soldiers in this war. This may be our last chance to save this great nation and this is a war that we absolutely must win.

As we enter our next battle, we must send a clear message to Facebook, Google, Twitter and MSM. If our message results in their total destruction, so be it.

Our battle-plan is simple:

Boycott every product that you see advertised on MSM, Facebook, Google and Twitter. These companies can’t survive without advertising revenue.

Don’t just boycott the products advertised on those platforms, additionally send those companies a letter or email. Call their corporate office and tell them you will not buy their product simply because of where you saw their ads.

Very quickly the enemy will starve and we will win this war.

Now, if you are still reading this content, you obviously agree and want to save our great nation. As such, you are automatically enlisted as a picAmerica Solider. Please take your mission very seriously.

Together we should all do the following:
  1. Share - Share - Share: It is extremely important that we get the masses to join us in this effort. So please send a link to this website "" to everyone you know, ASAP.
  2. Commit to contacting the companies that advertise on these sites as often as you can. Bombard them with your messages.
  3. Organize local picAmerica chapters to share ideas and to motivate others to join the good-guys in this war.

picAmerica - Fighting for America
Post your email below if you wish organize or join a local picAmerica group and become a leader in this effort. Use the comment area below to post your city and state in addition to any comments that you may have.