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Saving Our Great Nation!

130 Days Remaining

"We The People" the true patriots of this country have great patience and we have great pride in our nation. Many before us have given the ultimate sacrifice to defend our great nation.

Although there is a limit to our patience. Recently we have witnessed many troubling events that have taken our liberties from "We The People". We must now demand that the powers to-be resolve several significant items. And we demand that these items be resolved no later than November 3rd 2021. That's 130 days from today.

More than 80 million people know that the election of 2020 was rigged. We also know that social media, MSM, voting machine software and many individuals participated in this criminal act.

As a result, every politician that was elected in 2020, was elected based on fraud. This includes Joe Biden, Kamala Karris and so many others.

Now, as a result we see that these criminals want to take away our 2nd amendment. They want to pack the supreme court and want our great nation to have no borders. Not to mention they also want to increase the number of babies that are murdered everyday via abortions.

Over recent months we have seen that COVID was used as a political weapon that cost many people their lives in addition to their livelihood. The time has come for the people responsible to be held accountable.

So we issue the following demands and require that either the military or the supreme court take immediate action on the following issues:

  1. WE DEMAND a re-vote of the 2020 election. We must have a fair voting system, run by the military. An example of such a solution is found at USNVS.COM

  2. WE DEMAND that we protect unborn babies.

  3. WE DEMAND that the 1st and 2nd Amendments be protected.

  4. WE DEMAND that the FCC govern social media and MSM as they did in the early days of TV.

  5. WE DEMAND that we have congressional age and term limits.

  6. WE DEMAND that elected officials that do not defend the constitution are automatically impeached.

Additionally, cultural divide has creeped into our society and divided our nation. We are Americans, not black or brown or white or gay or straight or catholic or jewish or republican or democrat. We are simply Americans. For example, gay or LGBTQ parades should be offensive to all Americans simply because this is a celebration of cultural divide. Just as a BLM or a White Lives Matter parade should be offensive to all Americans. We must put an end to all cultural division. We can start by demanding that government agencies eliminate all cultural division support, activities, celebrations and projects within their agencies.

Now, if you are still reading this content, you obviously agree and want to save our great nation. As such, you are automatically enlisted as a picAmerica supporter.

Together we should all do the following:
      Share - Share - Share: It is extremely important that we get the masses to join us in this effort. So please send a link to this website "" to everyone you know, ASAP.

picAmerica - Fighting for America
Post your email below if you wish organize or join a local picAmerica group and become a leader in this effort. Use the comment area below to post your city and state in addition to any comments that you may have.