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"Get Around" Registration page for Restaurant Management


Restaurant Registration Form
Use this form to register your restaurant for a full year. Your restaurant will be advertised on the restaurant features page for the specific Get Around app selected. The features page accomidates only 15 restaurants in each city. When a user taps on your restaurant name on the feature page they are presented with a picture of your restaurant along with your address. Then with one touch they can either call your restaurant or receive turn-by-turn directions from their current location directly to your restaurant. Bid amount covers the full annual cost of ad.
Register into which app: Get Around Atlanta
Get Around Charlotte
Get Around Dallas
Get Around DC
Get Around Pittsburgh
Get Around Tampa
Name of restaurant:
Street address:
Your name:
Your email address:
*bid amount:       
* minimum bid amount is $225 - the app features a total of 15 restaurants, listed by bid amount from highest to lowest. Bid any amount $225 or greater. The largest bid of all 15 restaurants will be listed first, followed by the second largest bid amount, etc.. All bids are kept private.
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